The Vine and the Branches: How to Spiritually Connect in a Challenging World

Published in paperback, ebook, and audio book.

The Vine and the Branches - KDP

Do you think life in modern society is lacking something? Do you find that all of the discontent and violence in the world is anything but normal? Are you looking for answers? This book will help you:

    • Learn more about your spiritual side.
    • Understand the spiritual connections you need with other people and with God.
    • See how the modern world undermines your ability to spiritually connect.
    • Choose how you live to foster a more spiritual life.


Reviews on Amazon and Goodreads:

“Insightful examination into the causes of the spiritual problems we face today as individuals and a nation. I enjoyed the way the authors used statistics, historical examples, personal anecdotes, biblical scriptural references and analysis to discuss the subject of spiritual connection. The challenges brought up (secular humanism, socialism, materialism, globalization, etc.) are described in detail as are the solutions (self-examination, spiritual renewal and connection to God). This book will help you reconnect spiritually with your family, friends, neighbors, co-workers and most importantly God.”

“This book was well thought out and organized…One aspect that I particularly appreciated was the use of several spiritual outlooks versus one, tunnel vision, perspective of spirituality…”

“I’ve been searching so long for a book that would help me understand what it means to stay spiritually connected while struggling in this crazy world. There are great books out there but none of them are to the point and precise like this one…I recommend this book for youth group or youth studies…”

Note: All profits from book sales go to local charities that further spiritual connections.



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Bryan Holmes and Maggie McSpedon are the co-authors of this book. Both have varied interests and backgrounds, but share a basic view of Christian spirituality.  CLICK HERE TO LEARN MORE ABOUT THE AUTHORS. 



** Bryan is mentoring three science students to write and publish their own books describing their science research projects. He will also be writing a book for science teachers (and other teachers) to show them how to conduct a similar project at their schools. Follow Bryan’s progress and get weekly updates and free content to start your own author mentor project at

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